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Give yourself the gift of great skin.

Beauty & skincare retreat in the city

Raydiance Skin and Body is an established salon based in the Kloof Street Medi-Spa, Cape Town. We've built a reputation for providing results with our highly personalised approach to aesthetic treatments using carefully researched techniques, and only the best and most trusted products and equipment. 

Experienced hands

Specialised treatments

Professional results

Ray is such an incredible therapist. She is a warm and beautiful soul who leaves you feeling refreshed and revived. Her facials are THE best in the business.
A holistic treatment every time. Ray is kind-hearted, detail-orientated and extremely knowledgeable. She provides sound advice. I would highly recommend this establishment.
Best in the business - Ray works magic on my skin. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional but also makes me feel right at home.

About the therapist

I started Raydiance Skin & Body15 years ago to be able to give clients personalised treatments focusing on their individual needs. I'm passionate about helping people deal with their skin concerns, as the skin is our biggest organ and disharmony in the body will show on the skins surface in various ways. What I do is not simply skin deep. It takes some time and trust from my clients in order to uncover the root cause of their skin concerns. This is why I use the term “skin journey”. With me you’ll go on a journey to find the answers for you’re skin but in the process I often find that you discover so much more.


Join me and let’s uncover the true beauty that lies within💛

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