Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream is a corrective rich moisturiser which can be used both day and night. It contains a cytokine complex for enhanced bi-layer lipid support. It helps to reduce signs of skin ageing with its unique and pioneering use of powerful growth factor technology, together with other innovative ingredients. This anti-ageing cream is ideal for dry skins showing signs of both early and mature ageing.Key ingredients include a proprietary Growth Factor complex, together with anti-inflammatory Cytokines to slow down and stop chronic inflammation associated with skin ageing. Evening Primrose Oil moisturises and soothes skin without clogging pores. Nobiletin and Purslane also have anti-inflammatory benefits. Panthenol, a humectant attracts water and retains moisture together with Essential Fatty Acids to help to restore the skin barrier. Fragrance-free. Not tested on animals

Dermaheal Renewal Cream

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