The Naked Skin Campaign

I hated this pic when I first saw it..face all wrinkled, looking like I just won the lotto. I smile a lot,I laugh a lot! Then I realized that somehow the picture captures the real me..and that’s better than the other 100 pictures I posed for.. I have been working in the industry for over 15 years and I believe that women are under more pressure than ever before to be absolutely perfect. It’s no longer ok just to be a mother at home,raising children or a working successful woman.We are now expected to be both,whilst looking like pin up models with fake smiles ,and fake body parts. With this in mind I want to introduce the Naked Skin Campaign. This campaign aims to educate women (and men) on healthy habits and regimes to achieve a healthy,glowing skin as well as maintaining a naturally healthy skin. A few brave ladies as well as myself will be taking part. We will show you real visual footage of our skins before ,during and after treatments. You will see women in their raw beauty with blemishes or lines or bags...(in my case all of the above) This is a very personal journey for me,as most of you I have been ridiculed,second guessed and my own self esteem is medium at best. Even so,I do believe it is time for us to start looking at our individual,unique beauty and stop trying to carbon copy everyone else. Maybe if we stop looking at all our faults and start seeing the bigger picture..we will see the true beauty that’s shines from within. I have never seen anything more arrestingly beautiful as a woman who is happy in her skin. Let’s make 2018 our year to be seen for WHO we are,not WHAT we are.

Shine on beauties 🌟 All my love Ray💛

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