Dermapen treatment for #nakedskincampaign

Dermapen is all the rage and people are losing their minds and their superficial wrinkles ( haha) over it.

But what exactly does the Pen do?

It makes very small punctures on the surface of the skin. This creates an immune response within the skin,releasing healthy collagen and elastin for the repair of damaged tissues.The tiny punctures also help with absorption of healthy, nutrient rich serums into the skin.

This is why it’s good for fine lines,superficial wrinkles as well as acne scarring,pigmentation and stretch marks.

Considerations : *Dermapen is a commitment -you need 4-6 treatments before you see a good result *using a good serum is important so u get the most benefit and lasting results from your pen treatments. *Many therapists (myself included ) recommend additional treatments which “feed”the skin. It all ads up to long lasting effects and amazing skin!

Personally I love the tightening effect and how it has evened out my skin texture. It has also helped with acne scarring and lift some of my sagging skin (I’m nearly 40 😱!!!)

Ageing is real, we all have to accept it,but your attitude and lifestyle can make u look 40 at 60 ....or the other way around.

You only have one skin...let’s make it the best u can possibly have,

Shine on beauties 💛🌟💫 Love Ray

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