Peel treatment for #nakedskincampaign

You know how some people won’t go near the sea because they’re so afraid of the ocean? That’s how I used to feel about peels. But over the years I’ve found that peels have an integral role in maintaining a healthy skin..especially as we age.

Peels are designed as the name indicates-to “peel the skin”.

The peel breaks the bonds between the old, unwanted cells. These cells then drop off the surface of the skin, allowing fresh cells to take its place.

This is how cellular turnover is increased and superficial lines, scars and pigmentation can be removed with this process.

Although it’s not always as straight forward as that (especially with pigmentation!)

There are various kinds of peels and reasons why professionals use them.

The Alpha peel is part of the fruit acid family and works more on a superficial level. It’s a great peel, the downtime is minimal and the result is immediate.

The Beta peel is part of the salicylic acid family and works on superficially removing skin cells but also helps to clean out pores and works deeper.

There are also much deeper peels that are used by doctors and professionals alike, but these need to be monitored by the person who administers it.

I am very strict with my clients who do peels, I insist upon a prepared skin, as well as using a good SPF and good aftercare as this will make the process a lot more effective.

Ultimately you get a great skin in a shorter period of time and that’s what we all are aiming for🙌🏽🤩

Shine on beauties 💛💫🌟



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