How to prepare for Dermapen Treatments

What I do before and after my pen treatments :

I can honestly say it helps to prepare your skin before a Dermapen (or peel or microdermabrasion etc.) I always advocate using a good omega 3 supplement. It is an anti inflammatory and helps to control oil production and hydrate skin.( and sooo much more!!!) Vitamin c is also a fantastic supplement as it reduces inflammation and helps with so many processes in skin and body too. U don’t need to be doing a pen treatment to use these supplements,it will improve processes in the skin after +- 14 days use. After micro needling ,using a good serum is always a good idea. I use a serum that reduces my skins ability to hyper pigment and “feeds” the skin as well.( there are a few good ones I recommend😉)

I did a dermapen 2 days ago. My skin feels like leather and is peeling ..I cannot apply enough moisture !! The trick is not to force it..don’t peel your skin off,which is always hard..(especially since I have plans tomorrow night🙈)...but nobody said great skin comes easy!

To speed up my healing,I will have a Bioptron light therapy session tomorrow. It’s a noninvasive light therapy that heals skin,reduces inflammation and encourages homeostasis within the tissues of the body. So basically I will heal faster;)

But I’ll tell u all about my amazing light therapy next time xx

Shine on beauties 💛💫🤩 Love Ray

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