Cleansing routine

As part of #thenakedskincampaign, it’s my aim to simplify and debunk the various skin questions out there. As consumers get bombarded with various advertisements, it is increasingly difficult to figure what is effective skincare and what isn’t.

So, what are the simple things you can do to ensure that your skin is on the best possible path to health?

Cleanse, cleanse cleanse!!!!

When we cleanse, we effectively “clean” the skin by removing everyday build-up but we also re-establish the acid mantle. The acid mantle is very important as it keeps in the good stuff (lipids, water) and keeps out the bad stuff (bacteria, pollution).

*It’s very important to cleanse at least once a day, if not twice. If u can’t manage both, do it night. The build-up of sweat, long wearing SPF and makeup, impacts the skins’ barrier. Your skin also needs to “breath “at night, as it works best

while you’re asleep.

*if u wear makeup daily, please invest in a pre-cleanse to remove makeup. This is an oil that helps to emulsify the makeup and remove it, without causing dehydration/comedones. Use the cleanser after the pre-cleanse to remove the left-over makeup and re-establish the acid mantle. (very very important!!)

*if u tend to break out, try to cleanse immediately after a training/gym session with a benzoyl peroxide /salicylic acid-based gel cleanser. (keeps bacteria at bay).

*always use cold or tepid water when you cleanse as it helps to constrict the blood vessels, giving u the appearance of smaller pores.

What should you consider when choosing a cleanser:

Go with one that least impacts the skins barrier /acid mantle.

Stay away from highly fragranced, alcohol-based cleansers. (you will know by the strong smell and the various alcohol bases on the ingredient listing at the back.)

Know your skin -do u breakout at certain times, or is your skin always dry and parched?

If you are not sure, ask reputable skincare therapists /salons for advice

(My door is always open😊)

Make an informed decision as this is your first step to amazing skin!!!

Keep on shining my lovelies 💛🌟💫

Love u all,


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