Naked skin campaign

Lately I’ve been asked various questions regarding the campaign ...mostly how I got these 4 gorgeous women in nothing but gold paint. (that’s a story for another day:))

But what is the #nakedskincampaign actually trying to achieve?

I’ve been treating skins and bodies for so long I can’t remember what people look fully clothed (haha)

What I have found is that each person has a unique skin. What people have always wanted is NOT to look perfect, but to have a healthy, happy glow.

One of my clients put it so well- “I want to look like I’ve been on an amazing holiday or like I’m having an affair.” I agree completely 😉

With the #nakedskincampaign, I aim to achieve that for everyone. The key to a healthy skin is having the knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your skin.

I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt. I want to help you enhance your inherent beauty and make it 🌟SHINE🌟

However, there are finite boundaries to what I can achieve with skin, and in these cases, I am more than prepared to send you to the relevant specialists, so that we can achieve the very best results for you.

The other reason I am doing this is personal. I was the fat, acne AND braces girl. I didn’t fit into clothes, I wore thick makeup as a young teen to cover up my bad skin and layers of clothes to cover my body -and that has left an indelible scar. I want to help other young people so they don’t have to experience that.

Believe me scars like that shape you and affect you long into adulthood.

“Do you have to be rich to have good skin?”

Someone recently asked me this and I realised that this is probably THE most important part of my message with this campaign.

You do not have to be rich, you need to be educated/helped/informed about what your skin needs are. I wish I had someone who came to my high school and helped me make better decisions 20 years ago, I would not have the scarring I live with now.

We live in world where people are constantly bombarded with information. There is so much pressure to do what ‘Jane and John’ are doing, but where is the actual proof that what they’re doing works?

Who knows if they’re just advertising?

What we lack is knowledge. How do we know it’s going to work?

Well in my case, because I’ve been through it, and if I haven’t, then chances are I’ve seen it in the last 17 years.

In a nutshell this is what the #nakedskincampaign is about for me. What does it mean for you?

DM me what the #nakedskincampaign means for you, and let’s grow this to be a movement of beauty and positivity for all xx

Shine on beauties,

All my love always xx

Ray 💛🌟💫😘

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