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It’s month end and Easter (and my accountant is trying to hunt me down👀) so I wrote a blog about skin tips. I hate doing admin!!!!🤓🙈

Here’s a few things u can do to do the best possible skin:


Yes, I said it, the water thing again!!🙈 Superficial dehydration can make your fine lines more visible or you can appear darker in certain cases because there is lack of water in the outer layers of the skin. It’s usually due to too much coffee/tea or those 2 glasses of wine every night. Replenish!!(drinking any of the above puts you into a deficit, so you need to drink even more water to replenish your system).


Here’s another doozy. I love it when I ask “do u smoke? ”and there’s this pause. It’s a yes or no. This is not a trick question!

The bad thing is that even if you “socially” smoke, you get all the symptoms of a regular smoker on your skin. Just as your skin starts to breathe again (literally), you go and smoke again ..aaaand we’re back to square one. Just don’t do it. And tell your friends not to do it around you either (which is hard I know) but you are literally killing off your skin cells. This means that instead of improving your skin over time with product and treatments, you’re just going back to the starting block every time.


I always get these “Yes ray but I’m under the umbrella”, “I don’t like sunblock”,” I didn’t realize it was so hot”

Ok here’s the hard facts: How many people in your family have had cancer? How many have had things removed? Don’t think because your dark skinned it won’t happen, a melanoma can mutate into any kind of cancer -that’s what cancer does!

So, wear your (good grade) sunblock everyday (yes, every day in this city !!)

Eat well:

This is a tough one to lecture u guys on because I’ll be honest, I suck at this. I start everyday with my hulk juice (@rushtush glow cleanse) but by 8 pm after a full day of work and kids, all I want is my popcorn and choccies 🙈. I will say this, when I am following a good diet (glow cleanse) and NOT binging at night, my skin looks amazing.

What u put into your body definitely shows on the surface of your skin.

The best foods for skin? Green veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale etc, are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation causes aging in skin (and worse in the body tissues.) Also fruit like berries are amazing as they have a lot of antioxidants, which fight free radicals (UV rays, pollution, blue light exposure which is very aging and comes from exposure to pc screens).

You do also need some good, basic products to keep skin looking good and protected.

Essential products:

*a PH balanced cleanser (gel or cream-it’s your preference),

*One moisturiser that can be used morning and evening (without a sunblock so you can use it at night too). If u have an oilier skin, look for a water based one.

If u have a drier skin, get a cream with an oilier base. (look at the pharmacies before u get at the bigger stores)

A moisturiser helps to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. This might sound simple, but if your barrier is constantly replenished, then your skin will work optimally and glow.

*SPF should be as important in your regime as your moisturiser-everyday. It’s very hard to get rid of pigmentation/sun damage once you have it-so prevented it!

Remember to use a good grade SPF that protects you against all UV light.

Always wash off your SPF at night with a cleanser- anything over SPF 20 is considered a chemical block and needs to me properly removed. This goes for children as well, if you’re using a high SPF in them, please remove it at night. Alternatively use a physical block on them and reapply often (up to every 20 minutes).

Clean, moisturise, protect and REPEAT!

Every single day.

Your skin will soon show the difference.

Be patient with your skin, it takes time to get to the beauty that lies beneath🌟

Shine on beauties 💛💫🤩

All my love


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