Skin stories

“How do I get skin like hers?”

I’ve been asked this question of all my ladies skins, since the launch of the #nakedskincampaign.

Today I’ll tell you more about Carishma’s skin and how we achieved fantastic results!

Carishma is a 30-year-old woman, of Indian descent, who suffers from hormonal skin (chin area). Due to skin colour, she also scars easily.

Any skin darker than a Fitzpatrick 3, means that treatments like lasers and certain peels /harsh treatments have to be considered carefully.

After a comprehensive consultation, I decided to do treatments that hydrate the skin (helps reinforce the barrier of the skin), as well as peels, DF treatments and the amazing Bioptron light treatment. The light works deep into the tissues, without causing any surface irritation, which could lead to scarring.

Depending on the serum used with the DF machine, I can achieve various results which deal with immediate issues (superficial dehydration, dull appearance), to deeper issues like texture or scarring from breakouts.

Carishma has no aging issues-partly due to great genes and partly due to her strict regime with her skin, fitness and great eating habits.

She won’t have to worry about premature aging, but pigmentation/scarring and uneven skin tone are common issues with her skin tone.

Although her skin looks amazing and nourished, oilier skin often lacks hydration(water), which needs to be replenished constantly.

Peels are a useful tool with most skin conditions, when used CORRECTLY.

In this case, I used the lighter peels, which slightly remove dead skin but also help to perform other functions e.g. hydrate the skin.

I also make sure that she is using products that help to minimize inflammation in her skin as well as supplements (omega 3!!!) which act as an inflammatory within the body.

Top tips for a skin type like Carishma’s:

*do not assume that stripping your skin and using harsh products will improve it, often it needs moisture(water)rather than trying to remove the natural oils.

*oilier skins tend to produce more skin cells, so consider an enzymatic exfoliator for home use.

*use a hyaluronic acid-based serum/mask to help replenish water in skin.

*creams with vitamin A and C are great because they help to get rid of scarring (older scarring needs a lot more work)

*NB!!! Always wash your face at night, do not go to bed with makeup. The negative effects of that can lead to various other issues.

*SPF!!! Wear a sunscreen every day. Just do it, rather wear it and be safe, than deal with the pigmentation!!!

*if you suffer from scarring, consider an anti-inflammatory diet, which will aid in reducing your body’s ability to react and inflame.

*inflammation is often to related to gut health, an unhealthy digestive system will show on the skins surface.

Never underestimate the importance of a good diet and water intake for a glowing, healthy skin!

Shine on beauties,

All my love 🌟💫🤩


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