“How do I get skin like hers?”

“How do I get skin like hers?”

Today I want to focus on Ashleigh’s skin. Ashleigh van der Hoven is a 26-year-old tall, blonde bombshell ...and if that’s not enough, she also has a naturally beautiful skin too!! 😍🔥💛

However, that does not mean that there aren’t underlying issues.

As she gets older, oil and water reserves will deplete in the skin, leading to fine lines being more visible etc.

So, what she does now is imperative to how she will age and look in+-10 years.

I have seen quite a few clients with skins like this over the years. Perfect, youthful skin with no problems. So, they push it a bit. Sleep with their makeup on, sun bathe, smoke etc.

Often this behaviour goes on for a few years before they see any damage.

The damage caused during youth in a skin like this, only shows later on. But when it does, it’s often irreparable. The best answer is prevention!!

(🌟DISCLAIMER: Ashleigh does not do these things, I’m simply using her as an example🌟:)

What’s important for Ashleigh’s skin:

For her treatments I concentrated on feeding the skin with hydrating and nourishing serums and massage complexes to help keep her skin supple and youthful.

Her treatment regime is a combination of peels (very light) and DF treatments to feed the skin as well as facial massage to encourage skin to remove toxins and increase blood flow in the tissues. Never underestimate the power of healing hands and good facial massage. It can achieve what many machines cannot ;)

Her diet is also important, she needs to replenish with good oils (avocados, coconut oil, seed oils) from the inside too. Eating antioxidants (fruit and veg) is also important to get a glowing skin!

Products that would be good for Ashleigh’s skin is a nourishing moisturizer. An overnight oil or hydrating oil capsules are also great additions to keep skin supple, especially as we approach the colder months.

Always wear a sunblock, especially with this skin type.

A skin like this (Fitzpatrick 1-3), burns easily when spending time in the sun, which effectively ages the skin.

DO NOT SUNBATHE. At the risk of repeating myself. What you do now will determine how your skin will age and what you will look like in years to come. If you tan, you scar your DNA, this shows up only years later on the surface of the skin.

Please just get a fake tan if you have to, and be happy in the knowledge that you will look you’re best at every stage of your life! Your investment in your skin now will pay off in the years to come.

Let’s all work towards loving ourselves and each other without the fake hair. Or the fake tans ..or the fake smiles

Shine on beauties 💛💫🌟😘

All my love xx


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