Winter is here,let’s get your skin in shape!

Is it necessary to change up your skin routine and have different professional treatments? And what’s the best treatments to do?

Everyone’s skin is different, but by and large people are always trying to improve their skins. This requires more intensive treatments and often home care too. This kind of treatment is better performed in winter months as there is no direct UV rays which could damage the skin. It’s also easier to have these treatments when clients have less socializing going on- most of these treatments have downtime (2-7 days) and u need to not be applying make-up, drinking(heavily), or be in a smoke filled environment, which often is the case in summer months.

My best for winter is Dermapen (I love love this anytime of the year actually)

It has so many advantages and relatively low downtime and discomfort. The skin heals itself and you look amazing! It reduces superficial wrinkles, lines, pigmentation and improves skin texture. You may look a bit sunburnt for up to 2 days. You can peel/have dry skin, but the pays off is far greater than the discomfort.

In winter, we PEEL.

I have always been wary of peels, being part of the generation where “peel” was a very painful and often taboo treatment.

Thankfully technology (and my prejudices) have come a long way and today peels are accessible and have amazing results. All this with no or very little downtime as chemical peels take between 2-5 days to completely resurface your skin, which means that the you may peel, but not shed your skin :)

There are a few peels I enjoy doing in winter, like the Retistore Plus peel. It’s an amazing retinol peel that has added melanin suppressing ingredients, meaning it aids in calming your inflammation to the peel.

It’s amazing because now I can use retinol on any skin colour without worrying (too much) about how the skin will react.

I had this peel done recently, although I peeled for almost a week, the results were amazing:)

My other (old) love is MDA. Although I do this throughout the year, it does fill me absolute dread when a client wants to do this physical peel in summer months.

MDA peels layers of skin, is fantastic for texture but needs to be done with caution and have good aftercare.

I always advocate using a good serum- always look for vitamin A and C in the serum your buying, especially when you want to effect change within the skin. (cell turnover, eradicate fine lines, hydrate skin etc)

If all else fails, you can always have a lovely facial (with serums, facial massage and mask) on my heated bed. It’s really a treat on a cold winter day💆🏻‍♀️💕

Please feel free to DM me any queries, fears and questions. I will try my best to get you on the right path if I cannot help you myself.

Stay warm and keep your skin nourished and hydrated in the cold!

Shine on beauties 🌟💛💫

All my love


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